Snorkeling and exciting activities in paradise Redang

In addition to immersing in the clear blue water, visitors also participate in interesting activities such as snorkeling to watch turtles, corals when coming to Redang Island (Malaysia).

Redang is considered by many as a pristine hidden gem on the east coast of Malaysia. Favored by nature, this place has a romantic setting and rich ecosystems. Snorkeling with turtles will no longer be an activity in your imagination when you come to this island. To reach the area where many turtles are concentrated, you need to go canoe. On arrival, the guide held a bag full of octopus to entice the tortoise to gather for visitors to admire. If you want to capture beautiful moments, you should prepare in advance underwater camera equipment.

In addition to water activities, you can open your eyes when taking an interesting trekking trip around the island resort. The guide will introduce the benefits of each tree species. These are valuable survival lessons if you get lost in the woods. Overcoming the forest path full of creeping vines, visitors can admire the beautiful view of the island from above. Bluewater mixed with small islands from afar will make the image more sparkling.

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Watching the sunset and sunrise is considered a specialty not to be missed when traveling on the beach. Coming to Redang, you will be relaxed in the peaceful scenery with the sound of waves, white sand and waiting for the moment the sun rises or disappears. The benches on the beach where you can lean back after a day of fun. If you’re brave enough, you can spend the night there and wait for the sun to rise.

On this island, there are many resorts with different prices to choose from. Most of these stops have beautiful check-in and luxury check-in corners. No need to create too fussy, flower trusses, trees or green lakes also make your photos portray the spirit.

Many people often think activities on the island at night are very boring. However, you may be surprised to come to Redang Island. When the sun goes down, light from all over makes the island scenery shimmer. Guests can find a peaceful feeling when walking on the beach in the evening or watching the lovely souvenirs at the stalls.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Redang (Malaysia)"

Besides, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant space with the tumbling music on the sea. The people of the island are friendly, they always want to invite visitors to the stage to have fun with the DJ. You do not need to worry about the language barrier because people here can speak English fluently.

When leaving the island and returning to the town of Kuala Terengganu, don’t forget to visit Pasar Payang Market. This spot offers a variety of juicy fruits like jackfruit, durian,… As a rule, visitors are not allowed to bring fruits on the plane. Therefore, you can tell the seller to choose delicious and nutritious fruits to eat on the spot. Besides, this place also sells many traditional handicrafts for tourists to buy as gifts such as batik fabric, bags.

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