Female guests face sharks when snorkeling in the sea

When Vanessa Brown emerged after the dive, she saw the captain yelling, pointing to the whale shark swimming not far away.

When the boat carrying Vanessa Brown, an Australian tourist, left Port La Paz (Mexico), across the Gulf of California, the captain kept his eyes on the surrounding water. Everyone searched intently for black shadows under the water. However, the sight of visitors is quickly swallowed by the deep blue around them, making them unable to see clearly what is under the water.

“Pay attention to the fish fins, you won’t miss it”, the captain tells Vanessa as she puts on her swimsuit and propeller to plunge into the deep ocean. She is on a journey to find the largest shark in the world 10 meters long.

Nữ du khách mặt đối mặt dưới lòng biển xem cá mập ăn trưa

But fear is a word that does not appear in Vanessa’s dictionary. She claimed to be a strong, brave person. While at home, Vanessa is always the one who catches spiders and if it comes to altitude, she will definitely meet you at the highest place. So, when she became a guest of the Los Cabos Tourism Commission, Mexico to participate in the challenge of facing the shark, Vanessa accepted. She wanted to plunge into the ocean, instead of sitting leisurely on the beach, sipping a cup of butter smoothie. She calls this a dream experience.

When the motorboat stopped in the middle of the sea, Captain Ryan stepped forward to look around. Then he shouted, asking the visitors to dance only when he signaled. Sitting on the edge of the boat, Vanessa had seen a black mass move slowly under the water, and a large fin began to swim around the boat. After that, she jumped into the water with her American companion, when Ryan signaled. Vanessa thinks about facing a 10-meter-long animal, not knowing who will be scared: she or the animal.

Mỗi tour ngắm cá này thường chỉ gói gọn trong thời gian hai tiếng, vì bạn buộc phải rời đi để dành không gian cho những người khác. Ảnh: News.

When Vanessa floated to the surface and turned to look at the boat behind her, the captain and several others shouted non-stop. They kept pointing at the giant shark. Removing the swimming goggles and looking down at the water, Vanessa saw a giant tail sweep over her. The water in front of her was cloudy, the animal then left. While on the boat, Vanessa’s heart is still pounding. She was shocked at the size of the shark. Despite having a confusing encounter with the animal, Vanessa still wants to try this experience again.

The boat surfed on the waves, and everyone found another fins floating on the water. Ryan said the animal seems to be eating out. He shouted and jumped into the sea. The whale sharks like submarines and the sight of them eating lunch are an interesting experience.

Khi nhìn cá mập ăn, Vanessa có cảm giác như con vật có thể dễ dàng nuốt chửng cô. Ảnh: News.

In recent years, many tours have sent guests everywhere to see sharks in their natural habitat. The demand for swimming with sharks is very high and mostly takes place in Mexico, as this is one of the few places in the world with foresight. Visitors must also comply with safety regulations as far as a 3-meter shark’s head, no more than 7 people surround a fish at the same time.

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