History of scuba diving – an interesting sport

Diving is a sport of jumping or falling into the water from a platform or board, often accompanied by acrobatics. Scuba diving has been internationally recognized as competition in the Olympic Games. In addition, it is also an entertaining game.


Scuba diving has been a popular entertainment game around the world since ancient times, until the 1880s, the first modern scuba diving competitions were held in England. The exact origin of this sport is unknown. Ralph Thomas’s Swimming book, written in 1904, has reported in English about plunging at least since 1865. John Henry Walsh’s 1877 British Rural Sports also recorded a 56-foot (17-meter) plunging person in 1870.

Fancy diving

Diving into a body of water is also a method used by gymnastics in Germany and Sweden since the early 19th century. This allows them to be able to perform more in the air because of the jump can be made from higher altitudes. This tradition evolved into “fancy diving”, while the action of scuba diving before swimming was called “plain diving”.

In the UK, high diving practices – scuba diving from high altitudes – have become popular; the first diving stages were erected at Highgate Ponds at 15 feet (4.6 m) in 1893 and the first world championship event, the National Graceful Scuba Diving Competition, was organized by the Association royal lifesaving in 1895.

It was at this event that Sweden’s favorite scuba diving tradition was introduced by athletes Otto Hagborg and CF Mauritzi. They demonstrated their acrobatic techniques from a 10m high plank at Highgate Pond. They also stimulated the establishment of the Amateur Scuba Diving Association in 1901, the first organization for scuba diving in the world (later merged with the Amateur Swimming Association). Fancy diving was officially included in the championship in 1903.



Plain diving was first included in the Olympics in 1904. Women were allowed for the first time to participate in scuba diving competitions at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. During the 1928 Olympics, plain and fancy diving were merged into one discipline – highboard diving. The first diving competition was held indoors at the Empire Pool at the 1934 British Olympic Games and the 1948 Summer Olympics in London.

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