Okinawa’s most beautiful beaches are suitable for snorkeling

Okinawa is known for its beautiful blue and white sea. There are hundreds of beaches all over the island to the remote islands of Okinawa, attracting millions of visitors from all over Japan and the world every summer.

In fact, because of Okinawa’s subtropical weather, you can travel here for 4 seasons. In this article we will share with you 5 beautiful famous beaches, the ideal place for snorkeling!

Aharen Beach: Tokashiki Island!

Aharen Beach is located on Tokashiki Island about 30 km west of Okinawa’s main island. Because it is easy to get to the island from Naha city (only 35 minutes by speed boat), this is the favorite day-to-day destination for beach activities. This 800m beach is famous for its white sand and clear blue water.

Kondoi Beach: Taketomi Island

Kondoi Beach is located on Taketomi Island, a small but famous tourist island area next to Ishigaki Island. Kondoi Beach is the only beach on the island, quite gentle and shallow, very suitable for children and those who want to enjoy the cool air. Beach is not suitable for diving or snorkeling. Of course, the space here really makes you feel relaxed!

Furuzamami Beach: Zamami Island

Furuzamami beach is located on Zamami island, next to Tokashiki island. You will be extremely satisfied with the white sand and clear blue water, beautiful scenery and reefs suitable for diving and snorkeling. This is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan.

Yonaha Maehama Beach: Miyako Island

The famous Miyako Island is the most beautiful diving spot in Japan. It is located about 300 km south of the main island. Yonaha Maehama Beach is one of the beautiful beaches on the island, often referred to as the most beautiful beach in East Asia. This famous beach is a beautiful place to watch the sunset.

Nishihama Beach: Hateruma Island

Nishihama Beach is located on Hateruma Island, this is the southernmost island of Japan (470km from the coup island). It has many unexplored natural beaches with silky sandy beaches and turquoise blue water. This beach is indeed a hidden beauty and is often described as “Heaven on Earth”.







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