The Best Snorkelling in Komodo: Our Favourite Spots

The excellent snorkelling in Komodo turned into determined throughout our liveaboard adventure. We thought the reefs appeared to get better the in addition west we went, but we couldn’t have accessed those faraway spots without our own boat. In the course of the experience we encountered some ferocious currents but thankfully we had an exceptional manual who helped display us the manner.

We had previously snorkelled some different reefs around the Komodo countrywide Park on organization day excursions. These included the famous crimson seaside, Angel Island and Nusa Batu.

(1) Snorkelling Pengah Reef

Pengah Reef is likely one of the most below-rated web sites in the park. This changed into the primary forestall on our liveaboard. Our manual explained that the situations had to be just proper for this website online to paintings, and it become contact and cross as we most effective had a small window of time earlier than rising tide.

We needed to soar and swim quick to the rocks to avoid getting hammered by means of the boat and waves. As we swam closer to the reef, the waves calmed and we looked right down to find ourselves amongst vibrant underwater caves covered in lovely coral, and no scarcity of fish existence. Pengah snorkelling become out of this international!

Our minds were blown, and this was best our first spot on the liveboard. expectancies have been now without a doubt high

(2) Snorkelling Batu Bolong
Batu Bolong is one of the signature web sites for the high-quality diving in Komodo national Park. It’s quirky name translates as ‘rock with a hole in it’ and from the floor, it looks not a great deal extra than a small outcrop rising from the depths, but under the floor it’s miles a giant, sweeping down 70m into the blue.

We’d heard such a lot of rave critiques approximately Batu Bolong, however additionally understood its dangers. it is renowned for a few unpredictable conditions, and divers refer to it as a washing machine due to the whirling up and down currents. However those currents are what make this magical rock so unique, as it’s far home to all sorts of marine existence with an exquisite hard and gentle coral cowl.

Our revel in can handiest be defined as a fish explosion, it changed into a reef on acid. Because the simplest snorkellers on the web site, we felt really privileged to be there. Maybe due to the fact Batu Bolong is commonly simplest reachable for skilled divers. However due to having an experienced manual with us, we had been able to explore this splendid spot.

3) Snorkelling Siaba Besar
Our third and final spot for the day turned into Siaba Besar, which is nestled in a huge bay, and became to be our anchorage for the night.

The calm sea become teaming with divers, and liveaboards boats. quite the evaluation to our previous websites as we have been the best ones there. This time, it was safe for us to move snorkelling alone. we might advise Siaba Besar for the less experienced, as the reef is pretty shallow and huge regions are covered from sturdy currents.

Our manual pointed us in a general course, but there is an expansive region to explore. The visibility was extremely good, we saw critters within the sand and plenty of turtles over the shallow reef. We were additionally fortunate and saw a massive institution of trevally inside the deep!

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