The necessary experience when snorkelling (Part 1)

Summer to snorkeling tours is always loved and selected by many people, especially young people who like to explore and explore the ocean. So what do you need to prepare as well as how to have wonderful snorkeling experience?

Snorkelling is an underwater adventure sport. This sport has two forms, diving with breathing equipment and diving without breathing equipment. Snorkelling not only requires proper breathing, but also practices a deep focus to control the body in floating waters.

So for a fun snorkelling trip, you need to prepare some equipment as well as learn a little experience when diving under the sea:

  1. Subjects should not dive

For those who are high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, they should not try this activity. The reason is that patients do not adapt to the sudden change of pressure, the air temperature between onshore and under water can lead to them losing their temper or forgetting the coach’s advice. This will be extremely dangerous because most likely they will be choking, choking water, ear pain… Therefore, the above tourists absolutely do not participate in snorkelling.


  1. Track the weather

Choose a hot day or cool day, it is important that the sea does not mean the waves are not large, the wind is not much. Another factor deciding on an interesting snorkeling trip is water.

  1. Preventing some aquatic creatures

When diving underwater watch corals with various kinds of fish and sea creatures. A view of the shimmering, mysterious ocean world. There are times when you are so enamored that you may accidentally or intentionally come in contact with some marine creatures that may have toxins that are dangerous to you.


Jellyfish: There are many types of jellyfish, some have toxins or not, it’s best to meet them, just observe should not be exposed to it.

The thorns: This is a creature living on rocks and coral reefs underwater. They are less mobile, so often divers do not pay much attention when stepping on them. There are many types of thorns, there are long spines, there are short spines, different shapes and colors but it is generally circular, with spines best not to catch them.

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