Experience snorkeling with sharks at Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is dubbed the pearl island of Thailand by the beautiful natural scenery, hospitable people and the development of tourism activities. Coming to this beautiful island, visitors will have unique experiences such as visiting the wild monkey island, a diverse oceanic world and you can even swim with scary sharks.

Koh Phi Phi is a large archipelago off the coast of Krabi Province. Koh Phi Phi consists of six small islands, Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Leh, Mai Phai, Yung, Bida Nok and Bida Noi. The reason for the name Phi Phi is that from the aerial view, the island is like two PPs and the local people read the camp into Phi Phi, while the word “koh” in Thai is “island”.

Going to Koh Phi Phi, it will be a mistake for this island if you just lie down on the white sandy beaches, listen to the whispering waves or simply take a bath like other beaches. Mother Nature has dedicated to giving this place a wonder under the water with a multitude of corals as well as colorful sea fish. Therefore, certain visitors must experience the diving tour to explore the underwater world here to swim with sharks as expected.

Trải nghiệm bơi cùng cá mập tại Koh Phi Phi

There are two forms of snorkeling: snorkeling and diving (deep diving with oxygen). With snorkeling, visitors will still float on the water, breathe through their mouths through the snorkel and watch the ocean below through a separate glass. Diving is more complicated because you will need to be equipped with professional diving equipment with oxygen tanks to dive deeper.

During that dive tour, do you really experience swimming with sharks? On the way to discover Phi Phi Island, the train will stop at a time when sharks are often frequented so you can jump and play with them. Many tourists will feel anxious when facing this dangerous fish. However, not all sharks are scary so visitors can be completely assured when participating in this extremely unique experience.

Trải nghiệm bơi cùng cá mập tại Koh Phi Phi

Visitors will be completely relieved to know that the shark species that live around Koh Phi Phi island have been carefully studied and ensured safety in tour operators. With just a snorkeling glass, you can see the black shark or leopard shark swimming below without diving deeply. If you’re lucky, you can also meet an elephant shark, the largest living shark in the world. There are 30-year indigenous people who haven’t seen them yet. However, there were also foreign guests who met the whale shark the first time they dived Koh Phi Phi. Normally, this species only appears around Hin Daeng diving area from December to May every year.

Trải nghiệm bơi cùng cá mập tại Koh Phi Phi

Blue sea, golden sunshine are always favorite destinations for a hot summer vacation. Why don’t you try to arrange a trip to one of the most famous islands in the world by Thailand, Koh Phi Phi. Turn your summer tour this year into unforgettable memories with this paradise in the world and especially the experience of swimming tour with extremely interesting sharks.

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