Fantastic Places for Snorkeling

When a person first learns how to snorkel they want to enjoy this activity as much as possible. In order to do this, they will look for places that are going to provide them with different underwater experiences.

There are many of these and often some that can be found in one’s own region but also in other parts of the world. For those that are really serious about enjoying some of the best snorkelling that is available they’re going to want to visit some of these places.

Belize, Ambergris Caye

This is an amazing place for one to enjoy some really unique snorkelling. One of the side effects that is taking place here is coral bleaching which is very disappointing as coral is one of the most magnificent features that come with snorkelling. Being able to see the colours is what makes snorkelling such an interesting sport. This area is classed as having the largest barrier reef situated outside of Australia. What many snorkellers like about it is that it is easy to get close to much of the wildlife that resides here such as the eels and the rays.

Brazil, Ilha Grande

One of the things that this particular area is noted for is that there are many different shipwrecks that have taken place here and many of the remnants still exist. When it comes to beauty this area for snorkellers is classed as one of the best. The waters are warm and snorkellers often get to enjoy the many seahorses that are found here or take a closer look at the underwater coves.

The Phillippines, Palawan

For those who want the snorkelling experience that comes with a little bit more adventure, they will want to visit the Philippines and to the specific area. Many don’t realize that the Philippines does possess some great areas for snorkelling. There is a chance here to swim with the whale sharks.