Paying Attention to Snorkelling Safety Tips

As with any sport or water activity, it is important that the participant learn the safety rules that go with it in order to keep themselves and others safe.

Snorkelling safety all begins with learning how to snorkel properly. For those that are on vacation and trying snorkelling for the first time usually there is rental equipment that is available and along with this will be some basic lessons that focus on the safe use of the equipment.



Learning How To Relax

One of the basic safety tips that comes with learning how to snorkel is to learn how to relax. In the beginning many people feel anxious about placing their face underwater and breathing at the same time. Those that are snorkelling in salt water will need to learn the floating techniques required for this type of water environment. When learning how to relax the focus is put on relaxing the body but the mind must stay alert.

The Right Equipment

Another safety feature for snorkelling is to ensure that the participant has the right equipment. One of these pieces of equipment that is needed is the fitted mast. One of the issues that can arise here is that the mask will leak and it’s automatically assumed it is because the mask is to loose when in fact the problem may very well be that it is too tight. One of the ways that this can also be discovered is that after an hour or so of snorkelling that there are deep red marks on the face this shows that it may be a wrong fit or it was worn too tight.

The Fins

While the mask is highly important so are the fins that are used for snorkelling. Again they must be a proper fit and there really should be no friction put on the feet. They should be soft and flexible with no risk of them coming loose and falling off.