Distinguish between Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

The following article will give a brief introduction about the two popular types of scuba diving today: Snorkeling and Scuba Diving.

Hope to help you understand a little bit about them and not be surprised when participating in diving.

1. Snorkeling

With the type you will swim on the water with a snorkel and face down into the water to see the reefs below. Listening to here many people will wonder if swimming is possible if they can join? Please answer that, because Snorkeling is swimming on the water and looking down below so if you can’t swim, you can wear a life jacket. For those who already know how to swim, you can dive deep down to see more clearly.

2. Diving

This is a deep diving with oxygen tank. To participate in this type, you need some knowledge about diving. Often before diving, someone will teach you about the basic knowledge to use when diving down, such as hand-drawn signs, use oxygen tanks… Those who can’t swim should not worry For this type, because to dive into the water you will have to wear lead weights that weigh about 14kg and an oxygen tank of about 9kg so it is impossible for a person who knows how to swim normally with that weight. Here you will be wearing a life jacket with oxygen tank, when you dive, you only need to gradually pull out the life jacket and when you want to float up, just slowly pump more oxygen into the life jacket.

Note when scuba diving

When you are in a lot of water you will not get used to the high pressure down there and often get hurt in the same way as the plane landed, then try this trick: plug your nose in and push a strong breath, so it will make pressure be internal and external balance. It often feels like when you go down every meter. For a normal person, it is possible to dive to a maximum of about 11m in a time of 30 minutes due to the pressure and temperature below that change quite large.

If diving takes too much energy, your time and your money, the best solution is the mini scuba diving device – Scorkl. The size is not bulky as a common oxygen tank but provides up to 10 minutes below the surface. Besides, the remarkable feature of this scuba mini oxygen tank is that when diving for 10 minutes under the sea, you can go ashore to load oxygen into the bottle and continue your expedition without any assistance. from the instructor, and save the cost of your trip.