The Difference Between Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

There is a difference between snorkelling and scuba diving. Both are amazing underwater activities. Quite often those that begin snorkelling soon want to move on to being able to scuba dive. Before doing this it is important to understand the differences.


With snorkelling, the activity takes place just under the surface of the water. The type of equipment that is needed is a snorkel along with the mask that allows for being able to breathe as the equipment gathers air from above the water surface. There are some amazing places throughout the world to enjoy snorkelling such as:

  • Hawaii
  • Buck Island in St. Croix
  • The Maldives

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving allows the diver to go much deeper under the water. To the point where they can actually see the bed of the water environment that they are in. More advanced equipment is required for this type of water activity. The scuba diver will need a proper diving suit along with breathing apparatus that gets its air from an oxygen tank. Some amazing spots for scuba diving are:

  • The Yongala in Austalia
  • Great Blue Hole in Belize


For these two water sports, there is a requirement for different techniques.

Scuba Diving: The scuba diver’s whole body is immersed under the water. The diver is not able to breathe through their nose unless they are wearing a full face diving mask the diver has to learn how to breathe through a regulator mouthpiece.

Snorkelling: The snorkel or normally only has their head and nose under the water. The rest of the body is above the water surface. The equipment is deriving its air from above the water.


The scuba diver requires a pressurized gas tank, two-stage diving regulator fins for the feet, diving suit.

The snorkel or requires a properly fitted snorkelling mask, a snorkel, as well as fins.