Snorking in the Most Beautiful Coral Island in Thailand

In addition to a long beach with smooth sandy beaches, the sea is clear and the coral reef is especially charming, where you can swim under the cool water.

Coral Island – Thai name Koh Lann, more than 4.5 km long coastline stretches from North to South and over 90% of the island area is primitive forest with rich diversity of flora and fauna, Wild coral island, Coral is a poetic and interesting beach destination, very suitable for a Thai tour.

Coral Atoll is famous for its diversity of corals and marine life. When we came here, we enjoyed great things. No place where fish and coral are so close to shore. Water only reaches the knees, but touching down is hundreds of striped fish, hemp, starfish and brilliant corals …

You can rent a motorbike, run to the harbor by yourself and rent your own boat to Coral Island. There are many harbors in Phuket, but that port is closest to Coral Island. And about 20km from Patong – where I live, is the Patong area. Advice should not rent private boats, because of the high cost, lack of companions.

Encourage you to go on a tour, you will have a shuttle to take place, take no time to find the way, equipped with enough snorkelling diving gear, get lunch. But renting your own boat will have to rent snorkeling, rent a locker, rent a chair … cost a lot of money. If you book a tour everything will go smoothly and as expected, you will be up to the spirit before

Just standing near the shore you can play with beautiful striped fish. But when I rushed to the sea, I saw first-hand the striped fishes that swam along the coastline and turned around me, then all the tiredness disappeared, all gave way to the excitement filled with joy. We just know how to blend into the clear sea and play with the striped fish. If you rent a private boat, just be spoiled for fun without being caught by HDV when playing. So people say, the true shifters often claim to never expect.

Try experiencing both private boat rentals and half day and full day tours. Both have advantages and disadvantages, you can consult our information to have a reasonable choice for yourself. There are two types of boats moving between Phuket and islands including: long-tail boats and speed boats.

High speed speed boat has a very high cost (up to about 15,000 bath), transporting about 30 people. This boat can travel most of the islands in the area and tours use this type of boat to transport passengers.

The majority of tourists who want to experience their own in some places or near islands can go to the docks to ask for longtail boats, which cost about 2,000 baht – 4,000 baht depending on the distance. The capacity of the long tail boat is about 10 people.