Learning Through Snorkelling Pool Games

Snorkelling Pool Games

One of the best ways for the kids to learn snorkelling is to start by using the family pool. This is a great starting point before the family travels to other destinations to enjoy the sport of snorkelling.

While helping them to develop skills and become comfortable with snorkelling there are several pool games that will keep them occupied while at the same time learning underwater safety.




In this game, the snorkellers will learn how to share their snorkel by passing it to others that are participating in the game. It will teach them how to refit the snorkel, clear it, take a breath and then repeat. They begin by doing this while remaining still and then once they feel comfortable and have mastered it then they can do it while on the move and trying different patterns while doing so.


The participants are going to move weights one in front of the other. This is a game that a person can play on their own or in teams. It requires two weights that will sit on the bottom of the pool and should be about a metre apart. The snorkeller then performs a surface dive to move the weight in the back to the one in the front and then the next player does the same. This allows this new Snorkeller to get used to surface diving.

Weight Belt

Here a Snorkeller learns how to do a barrel roll and while doing so roll out of the fitted weight belt. Then the object of the game is to perform the same manoeuvre while refitting the belt. This can be a timed exercise to see who can do this the quickest.

These are just a few basic games that will help the beginner snorkeller develop their skills and get used to using the equipment.