Worldwide Snorkelling at Night

While many are content and thrilled with the experiences of snorkelling through the day there are those that like to step it up a notch and enjoy snorkelling at night. There are many snorkelling destinations throughout the world that allow for this.

It is important that one does not do this alone and certainly adheres to all of the snorkelling safety rules. One of the reasons that many like to snorkel at night is because they get to see a different environment as to what is present in the day.


There is a lot of wildlife that comes out at night to feed that don’t in the day which means that snorkellers do not get the opportunity to view some of these creatures. Some are active in the day but they are far more active at night and this includes lobsters and different types of shrimp as well as Octopus and eels.

The Corals

The colours of coral are certainly beautiful during the day. What takes place at night is that many of them will open up and their colours seem to be at their best while they are feeding. There is also a chance for the lucky night time snorkel or to see the corals spawning.

Light Panning

For snorkelling at night you are going to want to pan your light so that you can not only see what is close-up to you but also to see what is off in the distance in the deeper waters. When doing this there is a chance that you may be able to see more of the wildlife than what you are seeing in your immediate vicinity.

Turn Off Your Light

While staying stationary in an area that you’re comfortable with you may want to turn off your light and when doing so you might be quite surprised at what you see.