What Equipment is Needed for Snorkeling?

No matter what part of the world one is enjoying the sport of snorkelling they need the proper equipment.

The equipment that is required is very important and the proper choices for it should be made.

Snorkelling Mask

The most important part of this piece of equipment is that it has a proper fit. The part that rests against the skin is called the skirt. It is supposed to make a watertight seal and if it doesn’t there are several things that can go wrong.

Leaking may occur or it will fog up and it can actually make the snorkel or tire very quickly. If there is a leak it means the snorkel or has to continually tread the water so that they are able to empty out the mask. Some make the mistake of lifting the mask away from their face to empty out the water but what this does is causes the mask to fog up. Another mistake that is made is often the new snorkel or when choosing a mask will choose it because of appearance and not because of its capabilities and quality.



This is the tube that is going to allow the snorkel or to breathe while their faces down under the water. Many prefer to have the dry snorkel because this prevents water from splashing into the top of the tube and it also has a valve at the bottom to purge the water.

The Fins

Snorkelling requires the individual to use their legs a great deal. Having the fins takes a lot of pressure and fatigue off of the legs and allows the snorkeller or to propel through the water in an easier manner .

Optional Snorkelling Gear

Some individuals want to invest in additional but not necessary snorkelling equipment such as an underwater camera or perhaps flotation gear or even a thin wetsuit.