Experience snorkeling while traveling Maldives

Tourism Maldives can not ignore the extremely interesting experience that is swimming/diving using glasses and snorkel. If you’ve never dived, or even can’t swim, don’t think about oxygen with bulky tools that are difficult to use.

Snorkeling, a fairly simple form of diving. You only need a snorkel, diving goggles, propeller and life jacket. These Resort tools will lend you for free. After fully equipped, you just need to go to the sea, face down in the water and watch the colorful ocean. The sea level here is just across the knee but there are many corals, turtles and fish.

To make a snorkeling trip, you can choose a hot or cool sunny day. However, the most important thing is that the sea is not windy and calm. To ensure you are safe while diving and observe well when diving to watch corals.

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Another factor that is equally important to decide the success of a snorkeling trip or exploring the sea floor is the water to be inside. However, you don’t have to worry about it, because the Maldives are so deep that you can see through the sea.

If you do not want to be surprised if you are experiencing this service for the first time, you can get used to snorkeling and snorkeling before going to Maldives to enjoy the full tour of this exciting discovery. There will be many other services that want to experience the next time, but at the present time, snorkeling is the most exciting experience in the Maldives that you should explore.

Before you leave, go to the place where you have to book a canoe to Snorkeling to prepare the equipment. Then instruct to take to the places where there are corals, many fish … jump from the canoe down to only one deep blue, unknown bottom. Swim into shallow beaches about 2 – 10m deep to see corals and fish. With fully equipped tools and life jackets and accompanied guides. Enjoy the feeling of swimming with a few hundred fish, feeding the fish, watching the beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish that are only available in the Maldives.

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In addition, if you buy a tour of the tour store, you will be given the option to go to any 3 places (with coral reef, turtle beach, shark beach, manta beach, string ray … lots) with It costs 50 USD for 2 people, but does not include lunch. Their ship is bigger and more professional, so it is better to be seasick. In the afternoon, book tickets for the giant whale watching Snorkeling ocean (if the tour is few people can be canceled at the last minute).

And 3 locations are often chosen by tourists Maldives is Olhuveli Reef (watching sea turtles), Banana Reef (coral and have the opportunity to see dolphins), Maavilathu Reef (very beautiful coral beach). You will be able to travel by private speedboat.

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Most Snorkeling packages are half a day (going from 8:30 to 1:00). The price is almost equal to 25$/1 person. The only difference is that if you buy the tour of the restaurant, their boat is small, easy to say seasick. There will be 1 to 2 dive parks near Maafushi (not selected), with BBQ lunch at Sand Bank. In Maldives there is also an activity called “Snorkeling Safari”. When booking this activity at the resort, the train will take you to the most beautiful snorkeling spot near the resort, where there are many beautiful fish and many beautiful corals. Of course, far more beautiful than places that are free to go. This trip is usually 3 hours and costs about 50 USD/trip.