Snorkeling – An interesting experience when traveling Maldives

Maldives is one of the most ideal and excellent dive sites in the world with many beautiful snorkeling spots along with the beauty of the thermal waters.

What is interesting and appealing to visitors on ocean tours in Maldives is not only unique reefs but also by many lively marine life. The reefs around Maldives are home to parrot fish, sweetlip fish, colorful seaweed and many other invertebrates.

In addition, Maldives is always referred to as: love paradise. This is also the sweet honeymoon destination of 80% of the world population. Indeed, with the warm sunshine of the sun, the blue color of the sea, the fine white sand ranges have turned Maldives into an ideal tourist destination for couples.

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One of the interesting points that any visitor to the Maldives wants to experience is diving and watching coral. The Maldives is endowed with thousands of coral reefs. Over 1,000 species of fish live in these reefs, of which 300 were first recorded in the Maldives. Hundreds of hard and soft corals show off their splendor.

Coral reefs outside of the island are considered fortresses protecting the Maldives from strong elements. The channel through the river flows through Maldives into interesting coral formations such as torn walls, slots and caves. Due to the high levels of nutrients in the channels, divers can find caves jutting out with soft corals, a variety of invertebrates, falcons and sponges.

A special feature in every resort in Maldives is the diving center. Although dive centers in different resorts can change the size and facilities they offer, all dive centers without exception must have all types of international certificates and provide rental equipment and services of professional diving instructors who know foreign languages.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho snorkeling ở maldives

Diving centers have daily diving trips throughout the year. All submersibles are equipped with radio, life jackets, flags, oxygen and medical equipment. For those who learn to dive all resorts conduct open water and advanced diving courses and even specialized courses. Most dive centers also have educational and library facilities and are regularly entertaining for divers with slide shows and videos.

The water temperature is mainly in the range of 27 and 30ᵒC. During the hot period, the water temperature inside the lagoons increases the temperature of the water inside the atoll. In these times many divers are comfortable diving without wetsuit. Standard thick wetsuits are 3mm thick, some 5mm thick are suitable for night diving or diving during the rainy season.