Equipped with knowledge for the snorkeling experience

For believers who love to explore the ocean, it is likely that tourism is always concerned and wants to experience once in a lifetime.

When deciding to explore the ocean, the first thing is that you need to equip yourself with basic knowledge and insights to make the journey smoothly.

Steps to prepare for people who can’t swim:

  1. Mentality

Especially for those who don’t know how to swim but want to try once to see the beautiful creatures. Diving is completely different from lake diving. Even good swimmers are stunned by the ocean view. The tour guide will prepare you a breathing tube attached to the swimming goggles.

Phân biệt Snorkeling và Diving

After wearing a life jacket, you will have to practice breathing breathing. At first, it may not be familiar, so it is uncomfortable, but when you get used to the mouth breathing as well as the eyes that are familiar with the diving glasses, you are ready to go to the water.

  1. Breathe regularly

Breathe evenly through your mouth, your breathing should be slow, exhale all the time to get more oxygen, this is a way to keep you from getting tired when under pressure from seawater

  1. Do not set foot on any coral

When you face down to see coral, there will be a time when the water is very shallow. You may find the coral very close to you. But it’s best not to set foot on it, because you don’t know how sharp the rock is. There were many tourists who broke their legs because they accidentally set their feet down.

2. Diving

  1. Not struggling

When there are signs of tiredness, suffocation, do not struggle. Struggling only makes you tired and consumes more oxygen. Just raise your hand and wave, the rescue department will swim to you immediately. All these rescuers are very close to you.

Notes before snorkeling:

Absolutely comply with the rules and instructions of the tour guide. Even if you have experienced snorkeling, you should also start, dive before 5 minutes as a guide for safe snorkeling. You need to swim slowly, always dive with the group, do not dive alone, dive too deep to avoid cramps, oxygen deficiency … someone will know and help you.

Các bước cần chuẩn bị đối với người không biết bơi

Do not drink alcohol before snorkeling. Drinking alcohol before snorkeling will cause you to be dehydrated faster and easily cause unpredictable complications when pressure increases. After going to the shore to help with tinnitus, close your mouth, cover your ears and exhale gently with your nose. Have to wait 24 hours after snorkeling to get on the plane for your body to recover, if you do not have enough time, you should not scuba dive.

Health must be ensured before snorkeling:

If you have heart disease, high blood pressure … you should not experience snorkeling activities. Going to the sea you will be under pressure, plus the psychology is a little worried, the health is not guaranteed, it is very easy to get tired and faint as soon as you are snorkeling, the danger will lead to losing your life. So just scuba diving when you feel well enough.

Những lưu ý trước khi lặn biển

Like other sports, you should not dive when you are too hungry or just full. Diving with an empty stomach will definitely make you extremely tired. In the meantime, snorkeling at full time is easy to vomit. Therefore, the best time to participate in scuba snorkeling activities is after eating about 1 hour.

In addition, you should only dive when the mood is very comfortable, avoid snorkeling when you are afraid or have psychological instability. Diving when unrest can reduce flexibility when handling situations and lead to serious accidents.