The necessary experience when snorkelling (Part 2)

What should I prepare before diving?

Used to float when being in the water, on the other hand, life jackets have other effects such as anti-impact, scratches when waves hit reefs, corals. Life jackets are designed to use bright, floating colors that can be detected from afar to facilitate rescue work. Choose life jackets that fit the size also pay attention to the problem of each person’s weight.

Good glasses are ones that have a wide field of view, have a clear view, a soft layer of rubber, do not dive deep in water, and become degraded for a long time.



Choose a suitable propeller, too tight to cause foot pain or too wide, it may fall, tired legs. A good propeller must have good plasticity, durability, much water displacement, and comfortable to swim.

Snorkelling suits

Use to keep warm and protect scratched when bumps or bites occur. Choose a suit that fits, not too wide, the water will fit in and circulation will cause the body to lose heat quickly.

There are 3 types of diving gear:

Body suit:

Usually made of nylon. It protects the entire body from scratches but is poorly insulated and should only be worn in warm water. It also helps to protect against the sun when you get out of the water.

Wet suit:

This is a popular type, There are many different designs and thickness so wet suit has the appropriate insulation ability both in cold water of 10 degrees Celsius and warm water of 30 degrees Celsius.

Dry suit:

The dry suit isolates you from water to make you dry. It is the warmest diving suit, used only to dive under cold water below 10 degrees Celsius. 

Snorkelling Knife

Snorkelling knives are mainly used for cutting, digging. Snorkelling is not to be considered a weapon. The purpose of using a knife during a dive is to dive if the rope is caught (it may be a fishing line, the boat’s lanyard is broken or left in the sea), it is difficult to remove or cannot be removed. Now use the knife you’re wearing on your leg or hand to cut off the string to escape.


Sub-scuba gear

Gloves, socks, hoods, pressure gauges, heart rate,… These devices function to keep warm, prevent scratches.

Waterproof dry bag 

You can prepare a waterproof dry bag to hold some of the main items such as towels, cameras, spare clothes. This bag should choose striking colors like orange, green banana, for easy search and remote viewing.

Do not swim dive away from your boat or canoe

When snorkelling or hunting fish, many people can swim, dive away from the boat park. When diving near the ship where the boat is anchored, if there are any observers on the ship, they will support you in time. Another factor when swimming far away from anchoring facilities for snorkelling, you may be in danger by boats, passing ships, or you may encounter running water, will take you away.

Here are some rules for diving. Hopefully this summer you and your family will have really safe holidays when participating in snorkelling tours.

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