Things to know when buying and using a snorkel

Do you already know how to use a snorkel? The most interesting thing about scuba diving with adult goggles is that you will be free to watch the scenery underwater without having to worry about breathing. So you already know how to use a snorkel?

What is a snorkel?

The snorkel is an item that allows you to breathe when your face is submerged, and is used with adult diving goggles.

The basic diving snorkel consists of 2 main parts:

  • Anti-reverse water valve when diving.
  • The mouth.

The snorkel is considered an important and attractive swimming accessory. Imagine that you can enjoy watching coral under the sea without worrying about water suffocation?

How to use a snorkel

Basically, you just need to know how to swim and snorkel, and when you get in the water, you take your snorkel in and go. However, there are some things to note about using a snorkel as follows.

You should practice breathing first on shallow water. Because during diving, there will be times when water overflows into the breathing tube. This is very normal, but can be confusing while diving. So you can practice first to practice vigorous breathing, pushing water out during such times.

Adult diving goggles and snorkel are for swimmers only. If you cannot swim and want to use a snorkel, you need to have someone with experience close by.

The snorkel is for underwater use only. If you often snorkel in aggressive waters, you need to have a snorkel with a water-resistant cover to avoid splashing water into your snorkel.

You should consider carefully when choosing the type of breathing tube has many accessories. Because the more accessories you have, the more cumbersome the snorkel becomes, making the water more resistant and potentially entangling you while diving.

Most of the manufacturers of swimming goggles and adult diving goggles sell snorkel. So each brand’s breathing tube will have its own characteristics, although the main function of the snorkel is to help you breathe when your face is submerged.

However, different types of swimming goggles and diving goggles will lead to their use with breathing tubes. So, you should choose the snorkel comes with swimming goggles, diving goggles to help the breathing is comfortable and best.

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